Monday, February 4, 2008

San Diego, HERE WE COME!

So our tickets to San Diego are booked! I am so excited I could scream! We're leaving on the 5Th of March at 4:20 P.M. Because California is 3 hours behind us that means that we'll get there at 8 P.M local time (or 11 P.M our time). This will work out great because John has to work that night before we leave so he'll be able to get plenty of rest in before our plane takes off. We'll then stay for 6 nights and leave early, early (6:20 A.M) on the 11Th to come home. I'm dreading flying with Brooke and the fact that we have 2 lay-overs each way (One in Detroit, another in Minneapolis) doesn't really help our cause much. However, when we get there and have the time of our lives, the flight we'll be worth it.

The next couple of days we are going to be searching for cheap hotels on Priceline. My dad stays at 4 star hotels all over the country and he very, very rarely pays more than $50 a night for them. So, he's helping us find the perfect hotel. He says that because San Diego has tons of hotels we should be able to find a really nice one for around $50 a night. I absoultely cannot wait to see what hotel we end up getting. I'l share as soon as I know! My dad is also going to Priceline our rental car. He usually gets those for around $15 a day.

So, Stacy, we took your suggestion and we're going to work on Brooke's sleep issues starting with naps. She has not been napping AT ALL. Maybe she'll take a little 20 minute cat nap here and there (and that's while she's in my arms) but I can rarely get her to stay in her crib for any lengthy amount of time. Anyways, John is off today and he put her in her crib for a nap. The girl didn't so much as whimper for him. I'm completely shocked! He has this magic touch with her! Tomorrow he is off so he'll be here to come to my rescue again...However, on Tuesday night he goes back to work so Wednesday might be a little rough. I am determined to stick with it though!

I was a bit anxious about teaching Brooke how to take naps now, of all times, because we're moving on the 22Nd of this month and then San Diego will follow a few weeks after that. Those are HUGE things for a little baby (heck for ME they're huge too) and I kind of wanted to wait until after we got back from San Diego so nothing would interfere with our progress. However, John and I decided that she needs to learn to sleep and the longer we entertain her staying up all day, the harder it will be to break this horrible, horrible habit. So, the fun begins now. If moving and going on vacation ruins everything (which I'm sure it most likely will) then we will pick up where we left off and hope for the best.

Well, Brooke's napping and my house is spotless so I think I'm going to go pack up a few things. I'm going to put away stuff like DVD's, pictures and books that we don't need right now. Sounds like a relaxing afternoon! Lol

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rccalyn said...

I'm glad you have a plan now! It might end up working out perfectly if she was really ready for this - she might just need a routine to help her deal with all the new things coming up! Hope it works!