Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bringing You Up To Speed

Brooke has been doing so many new things lately and I just realized that I haven't written them down in a long time. So for my memories, here's the list of her latest developments:

~She says "light" and she always wants to turn light switches on and off. She actually flips out if you don't let her.

~She blows kisses.

~Whenever someone says "bow" she touches her head where her bow sits and says "bow" over and over again. If she gets mad she rips her bow out. Ouch!

~She can do the sign for "more" and "all done" and she can also say both of these things too!

~She says, "happy, happy!"

~She continues to love shoes. She takes all her shoes and puts them in a big pile and will attempt to put them on for as long as we let her. She of course says "shoe" also.

~She used to call everything she drinks "juice" but she can now differentiate and say "milk."

~She says "no" defiantly. The other day John called her and told her to come and she shook her head and said, "No,no,no!" We'll need to nip that one in the bud!

~She now says "out" or "down."

~She is complete love with her cousin, Nathan, and she says his name over and over again.

~She says "Grammy," "Mommy," "Daddy," and "Grandpa."

~If someone happens to sneeze, she clearly says, "Bless you!" She'll also do a fake sneeze just to get you to laugh at her.

~Whenever she sees a phone she says "Hi!"

~We're trying to teach her to cover her mouth when she coughs. She won't do it when she actually coughs, but if we tell her to cover her mouth, she'll do a fake cough and then cover her mouth. She's so funny!

~She loves to scribble. She has a MagnaDoodle that she adores and she also has a princess coloring book that her daddy bought for her.

~She likes to feed her baby dolls her milk and she tries to put spoons in their mouths. She'll be such a good mommy one day!

~All of her molars are either completely in or in the process of being cut. All that we're waiting for to come in is her 4 eye teeth.

~She's still sleeping in her crib like crap. Yes, this is something that really needs to be nailed out but her sickness set us back:-(

~She still refuses to eat much of anything. We recently started her on baby foods again to spark some interest in foods and slowly but surely she's learning to eat. This is a huge challenge for us.

I'm sure that once I get off of this computer I'm going to think of so many more things that she's doing, but for now, this is my list. She is getting so big and she's turning into such a special little girl with a mind of her own. 2 words I would use to describe her would be independent and determined. Brooke prefers to play by herself than with me (which makes me sad sometimes!), which is what I mean by calling her independent. As far as her determination goes, it's so funny to watch her because once she has her mind set on something, she won't stop until she's accomplished it. She isn't the type to get frustrated with something and move on quickly. It's so amazing to me how much an individual she is already, even at this young age.

Alrighty, time to go do some housework. I'm going to see Grease at the local high school with Vicki (my brother-in-law's fiance). I'M SO EXCITED!!! So, anyways, I have to get my stuff done so I can go enjoy my night out.


Unknown said...

Hey! That's so awesome about all the things Brooke can do now. I can only imagine how amazing (and bittersweet) it must be to watch your child grow and develop!

Also, I'm sorry for asking you where your new house was, haha. I guess I was so excited about it for you that I just typed every question I was thinking in my head. My e-mail is if you wanna e-mail (I'm going to have to change that in a year, hehe!) or my AIM is TinyLR321 if you feel like talking.

I can totally believe that you argued more when you were engaged. I can just see it coming with Rob and I. But I think I've kind of decided to do the planning you can do with out having a date, until we can officially figure out one. The only thing Rob really wanted a say in was the colors and he's happy with what I chose, so that's a good thing. Well, I've rambled enough for now, but I hope to see an e-mail or im from you!

rccalyn said...

So exciting about the house thing! And good news for you = the eating like CRAP gets better, I promise! I never would have believed it, but it's happening in our house! YIPEEEE!