Saturday, March 22, 2008

She's On The Mend!

Today has been a much better day in our house as far as sickness goes. Thank the Lord!!! Brooke woke up this morning at 10 (I could get use to this new late morning thing) and she was only running a 100.2 degree fever. She was also happy and giggling so I just knew it would be a better day. All she wanted to do this morning was sleep so of course I let her! She slept from 11-12 and then from 1-3:30. I think she just really needed to catch up on her rest from being so exhausted. Apart from a yucky cough, runny nose, and horrible wheezing, she is recovering nicely! She's still getting her breathing treatments (which are NO fun to give to a squirming toddler) but her lungs still sound icky. My poor girl!

John's parents watched Brooke tonight so we could get OUT. We seriously needed the time away to just remember that we had each other too. When your baby is sick it's easy to lose sight of on another and focus every single hint of energy you have left onto the baby. Brookie wasn't running a fever and she was completely happy, so we decided that a date night would be a good thing. We got back to a bathed, fed, medicated, and SLEEPING baby! It's so nice to have family that will love her and take care of her so nicely. We're blessed!

I got gosh darn pulled over on the way home from John's parent's house tonight. I was so ticked off because it's not like I was going all that fast. Really, the cop got me right after the speed limit changed from 45-40 so I hadn't completely slowed down yet. I had to play the "my-husband-is-a-cop-card" and fortunately the guy let me go. John knew the guy but he was sleeping in the passenger's seat next to me. I was shaking so bad because who really WANTS to be pulled over? Of course I had to hear the lecture from John on how I shouldn't speed. Sometimes I think it would be easier to just get a stinking ticket than to have to hear my police officer husband's disgust at me getting pulled over. Anyways, I hope it's a LONG time before I get pulled over again.

Alright, it's off to bed for me. I'm sleepy and we have a long day tomorrow with many Easter festivities to attend. Night night!


Unknown said...

Hey! It's good to hear your daughter is doing better! It really is a good thing you took her back to the doctor. And yes, I find myself staring at it all the time!! The pictures do not give the ring justice at all. I fully plan on updating my blog with wedding plans now, ha, it'll give me something to blog about! Although I feel at a stand still right now because I was thinking of having it in the Owego area, and so I think plan making is going to be held off for a couple months. We're thinking to get married in May (may 9, 2009?) but that could easily change based on what happens with him in the Army. That's the most frustrating part is not being able to feel confident about a date. WEll, I've basically just written a novel so I'll go, there's more I could say but I'll probably just blog about it instead! ttyl

alissa kay said...

I'm so glad you and your hubby got to spend some time together. It must be hard to find that time with a 1 year old running around the house! Glad to hear she's getting better. Have a great week!!