Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Brooke's Trip To The Doctor

Brooke's doctor wanted to see her today just to make sure her ears and lungs cleared up okay from that horrible sickness she had a couple of weeks ago. Everything checked out okay except for the fact that I mentioned to him that she would not eat anything. She's still 20 pounds, 4 ounces, even though she hasn't gained any weight since her last check-up but he said that he would feel better sending her to get her throat tested to make sure she can swallow properly. He said that some babies don't have good swallowing reflexes and that deters them from eating. I also told him that Brooke is up wanting to nurse in the middle of the night and he feels quite certain that she is just getting way too much breast milk to be hungry. However, he's EXTREMELY thorough and he still wants to send her to have her throat checked out. He says that she really needs to start eating more than just drinking, which I already knew anyways.

It was so weird because Nathan had an appointment to recheck his ears today too. His appointment was at 9 and Brookie's was at 10. Funny, Ali and I scheduled them without each other's knowledge! Anyways, I rode with her because I figured it was stupid to have 2 cars at the same place. They ended up taking both babies back at the same time and we just made it a family affair. It worked out great because we could help one another when one baby was getting checked. Both kids don't react well to having their ears checked and they need to be held down. I was really pleased at how much individual attention and care their doctor gave them even though there were so many distractions. He's the best!

Well, dinner's almost ready. Time to heat up some vegetables and get things on the table.

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