Friday, April 4, 2008

Our Day Alone

Brooke is just about to out grow her size 4 shoes so John and I decided to take a trip to the outlet malls. They carry Nike's for a fraction of the cost, making it well worth the hassle of driving up there! The outlets are only an hour from John's parent's house and Patty graciously offered to watch Brooke for a few hours so John and I could spend the day alone. We took her up on her offer and we ended up having a really great day!

It was a really dreary, wet day so it's a good thing that Brooke wasn't with us. The outlet malls are outside and only covered by awnings. We both got pretty wet! It would have been horrible taking Brooke's coat on and off a million times and keeping her dry would have been nearly impossible.

I kept turning around looking for Brooke throughout the day. Isn't that weird? I don't remember the last time that I went shopping without her so it's just not normal to not have her right by my side. It's amazing how quickly we could whiz through the stores without our crazy little girl to keep happy.

We ended up buying Brooke 2 new pairs of shoes. We got her new pink Nike sneakers for only $15!! Unbelievable! She also got new brown dress shoes that were on sale for $20. Osk Kosh was having an ENORMOUS blowout sale. Everything in their clearance store was $1.99 and the accessories like tights, bows, shoes, belts, and socks were $.49! After scanning the racks for a long while we realized that they didn't have a whole lot in her size so we only ended up getting a sweatsuit (just for her hang out in), an adorable little sweatshirt, some tights, and then a shirt for Nathan. I seriously wanted to buy out the whole store by much of the cute stuff was already taken. Oh well! My kid doesn't lack for anything!

It was so nice to have the quiet car ride with John and then the afternoon of shopping. We always enjoy our time together so much, even when Brooke's there, but occasionally it's nice to venture out on our own. I do feel guilty leaving Brooke but it's not like I do it every day and it's not like I'm leaving her with strangers. I only leave her with her grandparents or aunts and uncles... And trust me, all of those people are MORE than qualified!

Well, John's off tonight so that means that it's time for a movie. I'm so excited to get to relax with him some more:-) He's my buddy!

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