Monday, April 21, 2008

New Friends For Brookie

The weather here has been absolutely gorgeous! Today the temperature hovered right around 70 degrees and it was sunny too. Ever since things have started to warm up we've taken advantage and we've had Brooke outside an awful lot. She seriously loves it! Tonight we went over to my parent's house for dinner and a walk and Brookie made some new friends. There are some little girls in their neighborhood that were riding their bikes around and they fell in love with Brooke. One of them was 8 and the other was 6 and Brooke was enamored by them. They ended up walking her up and down the street (don't worry, I trailed closely behind) holding her hands. It was absolutely precious! She gave the girls hugs and kisses and she screamed hysterically when we had to take her away from them. They were really sad to see her go too! I wish I had had my camera so I could have taken some pictures. As a mother it made me extremely happy to watch my baby having so much fun!

I am SO excited because John has tonight and tomorrow night off. Work has really been taking a toll on him lately. He's just been completely exhausted and over-run and it kills me to see him so sleepy all of the time. He gets really bad migraines when he doesn't have enough rest and today he had probably his worst headache yet. He was incapacitated for several hours and I felt so helpless! Thankfully his medicine kicked in eventually and he was able to get up and play outside with us. I wish he had normal hours so he wasn't always a walking zombie. We're keeping our fingers crossed because the new shift assignments for May- July are coming out soon and we're REALLY hoping that he will get put back on the day shift. They hired 2 new deputies that were put on the night shift and supposedly that is going to give John enough seniority to kick him back to days. We've been excited at the prospect of him getting the day shift before and it didn't happen so I'm really trying to be content no matter what shift he is assigned to. Ugh, I'm so frustrated by his job lately.

Alrighty, I'm going to go run and take a shower and do my housework before One Tree Hill comes on. That's our favorite show that we watch together. I'm so excited for this episode tonight!

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