Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Last Couple Of Days

John had yesterday and today off and we've had such a nice time with one another. I love that man! We've been super busy but it's been great.

Yesterday John took me to the mall for a shopping spree for new summer clothes. Let me just say, I needed them so badly. I bought a whole bunch last year right after Brookie was born and now they're all too big. What was I thinking buying clothes right after giving birth??? Anyways, he was so sweet and patient with me. He went in countless stores and he didn't complain once! I ended up getting 3 pairs of Capri's, 7 new shirts, and a jean skirt. The skirt was originally $30 and I got it for $3. AMAZING! Patty watched Brooke for the afternoon so we could shop at our own pace. She would NOT have tolerated all of the many stores we went into and I don't think I would have been very productive!

Today's been great too. It's a beautiful 70 degree today and the sun is shining. It's so wonderful after the long winter to see a day like this again! John and I just went to the store and bought shrimp, bacon wrapped sea scallops, and clams for dinner. So exciting! We're gonna put the scallops and shrimp on skewers and grill them. I'm going to brush them with a mixture of olive oil, lemon, and freshly minced garlic... Kind of like a scampi sauce I can't wait. The clams, however, are an experiment. We've never had them and they were wicked cheap so we're going to give it a whirl. The lady said to wrap them up in foil and steam them on the grill so we're going to do just that. I think I'm kind of scared!! Lol

We've spent our afternoon playing in the yard. Brooke is such a blast outside! At first she was kind of afraid of everything but now we can't seem to drag our away from the outdoors. She says "grass" without the "gr" so it's so hilarious to hear her talk about "ass" all day. HA!

John finally assembled Brooke's wagon that my parents bought her for her birthday so we're going to take it to the park tonight and walk around for a bit. We walked her up and down our road (which isn't very long) and she was in heaven. I'm really looked forward to tonight!

Okay, the grilling adventures are about to begin and my girl is screaming so I'm out!

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